715 Armsworthy Street, Wasco, Oregon 97065



How do I make a reservation? Check the calendar on the Accommodations page for availability, contact us by email (preferred) or phone to request a reservation. We'll email a PayPal invoice to you. When we receive payment, we'll email a reservation confirmation. A reservation is not considered confirmed until we have received payment.

What is your cancellation policy? We have a strict cancellation policy. If you reserve a room and then cancel, we will only issue a refund if we are able to re-book the room.    

Why such a strict cancellation policy? There are many activities and events in the area. Once you have a confirmed reservation, the room(s) are shown as not available on our calendar, and we stop getting inquiries for those days. Also, we arrange our personal and work schedules around the B&B calendar, and pass up social and work opportunities that arise on days that guests have made reservations.

Continental Breakfast or Hot Breakfast? We use fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Our continental breakfast consists of Bob's Red Mill Honey Almond Granola, Nancy's plain low-fat yogurt, fruit, home-made pastry, brewed coffee and orange juice. We have many years of experience in restaurants, and offer hot breakfast at an extra charge. For single day guests, our hot breakfast is normally homemade hash browns, eggs (from our herd of chickens), breakfast meat, fruit, toast, brewed coffee and orange juice. For guests staying more than one day, we might serve pancakes, waffles, French toast, or something exotic that catches our fancy. Guests staying more than one day can opt for hot breakfast any or all of the days. By listing theses items, we are not offering a menu, we are just letting you know what might be served, and all items are subject to availability. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions (decaf, gluten-free, lactose-free, food allergies, etc.) - due to our rural location, we might not be able to accommodate some dietary restrictions with less than 7 days notice.

What are your check-in/check-out times? Generally, check-in is any time between 3pm and 9pm, and checkout is 10am. However, we're flexible, and earlier/later times are possible depending on our schedule and whether the room is booked before/after your stay. If you can give us an estimated arrival time, it would be greatly appreciated!

Where should I park? Parking is on the street in front of the house. You're welcome to park under the spruce trees, but be warned that the trees produce sap, and are home to many birds!

What time is breakfast? Breakfast time is flexible - we'll check with you when you arrive to set a time.

Can you provide lunch or dinner for guests, or breakfast for non-guests? Sorry, no. State law requires a restaurant license for these services. Acquiring a restaurant license is cost prohibitive as it would require major remodeling, additional equipment, and additional insurance.

Can guests use the kitchen to cook food? Sorry, no. State law prohibits guests from cooking in our kitchen. You're welcome to bring cold or microwavable food, use our plates, glassware and utensils, and eat at the dining table, on the porch, or in the yard.

Are there refrigerators in the guest rooms? No. We have a very limited amount of space in our refrigerator and freezer that might be available for guests to use.

Are there TVs in the guest rooms or otherwise available to guests? No. People come here to "get away from it all". For those who need to maintain contact with civilization, we offer free WiFi.

How many people can you accommodate? We can accommodate 4 guests (2 per room). State law prohibits any additional guests.

Do you have any cots or fold-out beds? No. If you are a party of 2 and don't want to share a bed or reserve 2 rooms, the Petroglyph Room can accommodate a sleeping bag (provided by the guest) on the floor. 

When was the house built? Our house was built in 1900 by one of the town founders, merchant, banker and first postmaster, Wilson M. Barnett. At some point, the house was converted to apartments. The owners prior to us converted the house back to a single family residence, and we purchased the house and started the B&B.

Does Wasco House have air conditioning? Yes!

Are your guest rooms on the ground floor? Yes, both of our guest rooms are on the ground floor. There are a few stairs from the on-street parking to the house. Let us know if this is a problem, and we'll figure something out.

Is Wasco House wheelchair accessible? Sorry, no.

Can I visit the hens? Yes! Our hens are located at our barn/chicken coop complex a couple of blocks away from the house. Just ask and we'll take you over - we have booties to protect your shoes!

Do you allow pets? Sorry, no. We love dogs and cats, but many folks are allergic. We don't even allow our own pets in the house. 

Do you allow smoking? No, we don't allow smoking anywhere on the property. 

Is there cell phone service? Yes. Verizon has excellent service in Wasco (there is a Verizon tower at the south end of town). US Cellular also has good service. AT&T and T-Mobile service is spotty.

Is there a restaurant in Wasco? Yes, the Lean-To Cafe & Goose Pit Saloon is about three blocks away from the B&B. They have good burgers, sandwiches, steaks, etc. Their hours can vary, so you should call ahead (541-442-5709). The next closest restaurants are about 10 miles away: Linda's at the Grand Central Travel Center in Biggs Junction (541-739-2416), Bob's Texas T-Bone in Rufus (541-739-2559), and the Bulldog Diner in Rufus serves breakfast and lunch (541-739-2006).

Is there a grocery store in Wasco? Yes, the Wasco Market is about one block away from the B&B. The Market is open 8am to 6pm Mon-Sat, and 10am to 1 pm on Sunday.

Do you have weekly or monthly rates? No, we don't. Our rates are as listed on our Accommodations page.  

Who are Dave & Lisa? Dave is from the east San Francisco bay area, and Lisa is from Durango, Colorado. Their separate paths met when they moved to Portland in the late 1970s. Dave and Lisa combined their restaurant backgrounds and opened Thadius' Pantry, a breakfast/lunch café in the Sellwood area of Portland, and then opened Milwaukie, Oregon's  first espresso bar - Java Hut. Dave (a paralegal) and Lisa (an x-ray technician) still have jobs in Portland. As a pre-tirement plan, they purchased the house in Wasco and started the B&B.